Merry Christmas
Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:42am

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Christmas 2016
It is time to write the annual Christmas letter. Where has 2016 gone?
We enjoy Christmas letters from others and are looking forward to hearing from you again this year. Trust all is well and happy in your home.
This has been a stressful year for us. We are doing as well as we can for our age of 81, just moving more slowly as arthritis and a few more aches and pains have slipped up on us. Don had a full right knee replacement last March that took a lot of energy to recover. Thankfully his knee has healed up well. Don's major health problem now is severe arthritis and neuropathy especially in his left ankle but he is able to walk with a cane. Mary, who lives in northern Virginia, came home for a few days when Don had the operation. Because Marshall, who lives in Beltsville, MD, is a federal employee, was able to spent three weeks helping Amy while Don was in the hospital for four days and rehab for two weeks. Amy has been Don's daily care taker and trying to keep him doing his exercises. (He hates to do exercises). It was necessary for a good recovery of his knee. We planned a trip to Branson last September, but we decided that would not be a good idea. Oh well, maybe next year!!
Both Marshall and Mary were with us for Thanksgiving and they plan to be here again this Christmas. We have enjoyed a lovely fall and have not had any major snow yet. On Thursday, December 8, the weather turned very cold with a few snowflakes. We have to stay in during snowy weather. We are hoping this will be another mild winter.
Trust all is well and happy with you and your family.
Donald and Amy Elson

    • And Merry Christmas to you too Amy!Kristi, Fri Dec 23 8:21am
      Sorry to hear about all the aches and pains, but I suppose that's part of the getting-older process, and it's good to hear Don's getting better! I could copy in my Christmas letter here, but it's a... more
      • transforms your like. That is so true. It's been 16 years now and it's still transforming us.
      • Merry Christmas to all our family. Carole, Fri Dec 23 8:36pm
        The weather here has moderated after a bitterly cold weekend. Now we're forecast to have thunderstorms on Christmas Day. Son, Steve, and his wife, Sheri, were here this evening for our gift exchange. ... more
        • MERRY CHRISTMASDelores Washetko, Sun Dec 25 3:21pm
          on this special day ~ and blessing each and every one! Sorry to hear of the growing older pains, we have them too! I just put on another medicated patch on Igor's back ~ he said, "it feels better... more
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