Merry Christmas to all our family.
Fri Dec 23, 2016 8:36pm

The weather here has moderated after a bitterly cold weekend. Now we're forecast to have thunderstorms on Christmas Day.

Son, Steve, and his wife, Sheri, were here this evening for our gift exchange. Sheri put together a precious keepsake for me, a book with pictures of the farmstead where they live and where I grew up. We'll have a nice meal together sometime later. Steve is very busy managing the farm equipment store in Herington. It's the end of the business year and the shop is very busy doing winter maintenance work on farmers' machinery.

I'm not sure when we'll see Ryan. He usually stops on the trip to take his older children to Nebraska for Christmas vacation. This year, Luke, the youngest is in kindergarten. Mom and Dad have to alternate being at home with him while he's on Christmas break. Adam just turned 16 last month and has his driver's license and a truck. Lauren is in 8th grade. She and I like our purses. We'd be lost without them. Jaime is working four days a week now that Luke is in school.

Gary's mother is 97 now and continues to live next door to us with our help. Gary has restored some tractors this year for customers. He's looking forward to the Gathering of the Orange ( a national show of antique Allis Chalmers tractors) being held in Kansas next fall. We attended several tractor shows this year. I've been baking bierrocks for Christmas gifts. Steve and Sheri helped me get set up with a new lap top. Fortunately it's similar to the one we use at Tampa's little grocery store so the change wasn't too difficult. We continue to volunteer at the store several times each month. We also continue to volunteer at church. The church is blessed to have many young couples with children.

The heating pad and arthritis rubs are my friends but overall we're healthy.

Kristi, can you fill us in on your parents? I've been wondering how they are?

Happy New Year and may 2017 be a year of blessings for all.

  • And Merry Christmas to you too Amy!Kristi, Fri Dec 23 8:21am
    Sorry to hear about all the aches and pains, but I suppose that's part of the getting-older process, and it's good to hear Don's getting better! I could copy in my Christmas letter here, but it's a... more
    • Merry Christmas to all our family. — Carole, Fri Dec 23 8:36pm
      • MERRY CHRISTMASDelores Washetko, Sun Dec 25 3:21pm
        on this special day ~ and blessing each and every one! Sorry to hear of the growing older pains, we have them too! I just put on another medicated patch on Igor's back ~ he said, "it feels better... more
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