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Delores Washetko
Sun Dec 25, 2016 3:21pm

on this special day ~ and blessing each and every one! Sorry to hear of the growing older pains, we have them too! I just put on another medicated patch on Igor's back ~ he said, "it feels better already!" After such a cold spell in early Dec., we took off for the Canary Islands 10 days ~ it was wonderful a few days then came the wind and rains some days, but we managed to have a good time despite the weather. We did daily exercise with swimming and walking, one day I joined the stretching group ~OWEEE! One time was enough of that - it hurt big time for a few days. Bronchitis is going around here, I'm always the 1st to get it but with 5 day antibiotics prescribed, I seem to be on the mend after only 1 miserable day.
Kristina and the family went to New Zealand for 3 weeks, they send pics nearly every day over FB, they're having a fabulous time. Today I'm thinking their visit is at the Hobbit farm ~ what a treat for the kiddos! The scenery is so beautiful, and much to do with the interesting Maori culture. They'll be home the 30th with more tales to tell I'm sure.
Glad to hear Kristi is soon a grandma, and with a most welcome new family member. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! We've had our Christmas dinner, and will have seconds tomorrow which is also a holiday in Germany.

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    • MERRY CHRISTMAS — Delores Washetko, Sun Dec 25 3:21pm
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