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Is everyone having some form of winter storm?
Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:10am

Ours is predicted to be freezing rain from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon. Temperatures will vary so we're just preparing for anything at this point. The last big ice storm we had in 2005 left us without power for 7 1/2 days.

I hope everyone is safe and warm. Be careful if you have to go out in the winter weather.

    • It's really slippery around here too!Delores, Thu Jan 19 10:10am
      How did you manage the freezing rain? I hate it! There is no way to get out of the house, mostly it lasts for 1 day here. So far, neither of us have fallen, but my poor female Angel poodle thought... more
      • on Sunday morning but the temperature rose to 33* at 9:00 so we had very little ice which melted. The temperature stayed around 34-35* all day and then rose during the night. That night we had 1 1/2" ... more
        • Have you been hit by tornadoes?Delores, Thu Feb 9 7:16pm
          I heard they came through Louisiana and Kansas. I looked around but didn't see anything current. I saw pictures of KS with plenty of devastation over the years though. I survived the lingering cold... more
          • bigger problem. We have tall dry grass from last summer. Several days some areas in southern and southwestern Kansas had highs in the upper 70's and 80's. The air is dry and with wind, we have fire... more
            • Sounds awful ~ I don't rememer any Delores, Sat Feb 25 7:09am
              wildfires in the early years, but sure enough flooding of creeks around in KS. RE: GOUT ~ I'm high on uric acid, the doctor doesn't mention gout but my German friend looked at my hands and said... more
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