No, the tornadoes were in other states. Fire danger is a
Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:27pm

bigger problem. We have tall dry grass from last summer. Several days some areas in southern and southwestern Kansas had highs in the upper 70's and 80's. The air is dry and with wind, we have fire danger warnings. There's been one fire in SW Kansas. Oklahoma firefighters are busy with fires there.

It's always a joy to see grandchildren. They grow and change so much that it's amazing.

I've had shingles and gout this month. Because I'd had the shingles vaccination, I had discomfort but no bad pain that some people have. I ate cherries, drank lots of water and took Aleve so the gout only lasted one day. I'm tired. Maybe that's part of having shingles. Gary's mother will have surgery this week for a sore behind her ear. The doctors say it's precancerous. It's big enough that she'll need a skin graft. At age 97 that sounds overwhelming for her. I'm ready for February to be over. It hasn't been our best month.

  • Have you been hit by tornadoes?Delores, Thu Feb 9 7:16pm
    I heard they came through Louisiana and Kansas. I looked around but didn't see anything current. I saw pictures of KS with plenty of devastation over the years though. I survived the lingering cold... more
    • No, the tornadoes were in other states. Fire danger is a — Carole, Sun Feb 12 10:27pm
      • Sounds awful ~ I don't rememer any Delores, Sat Feb 25 7:09am
        wildfires in the early years, but sure enough flooding of creeks around in KS. RE: GOUT ~ I'm high on uric acid, the doctor doesn't mention gout but my German friend looked at my hands and said... more
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