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Sounds awful ~ I don't rememer any
Sat Feb 25, 2017 7:09am

wildfires in the early years, but sure enough flooding of creeks around in KS.
RE: GOUT ~ I'm high on uric acid, the doctor doesn't mention gout but my German friend looked at my hands and said "THAT'S GOUT!" Now, I'm also drinking cherry juice, lemon juice in tea ~ I haven't gotten to the 2 T. per day of apple cider vinegar yet. I did put some in salad dressing for cole slaw. Not sure it counts. I don't have the common "pain in toe" of Gout, but sure do have cramps in toes ~ must be the same! I've been wearing therapy-tight leggins that seem to help even with the toes.
Wow! Gary' s mother 97 ~ she may make it to 100+, quite common this day. Hope they get a hold on that pre-cancer.
Much rain in Germany at this time. Today it is cold and cloudy so may take the dogs for a run, and me after a bike ride for exercise ~ maybe it will give me a lift

  • bigger problem. We have tall dry grass from last summer. Several days some areas in southern and southwestern Kansas had highs in the upper 70's and 80's. The air is dry and with wind, we have fire... more
    • Sounds awful ~ I don't rememer any — Delores, Sat Feb 25 7:09am
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