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Thanks for the news from KS...
Sat Apr 8, 2017 8:00am

sorry about the fires, one never knows what hazard comes next these days! We're still enjoying the daffodils, the tulips are beginning to show some color ~ thanks to Igor's efforts in last fall planting. At this age it gets to be push and shove to get things done like in the past, but we are still hanging in there.
I've planted tomato seeds from last year, they are doing really good ~ the balcony small tomatoes really sprang up totaling about 50, so need to weed them out and transplant some. I put KS sunflower seeds in the earth already but it has been so dry, no rain in several weeks since the awful downpour for days that made a mess in our basement keeping me up through the night sponging out as much as I could until someone came with a electric lifter and hose out the window, then it was sweeping the water into a hole for it. The neighbor up the hill determined for us the water is coming from the farmer recently building a separate barn above her, and running the roof water under ground instead of making a pipe under to the storm drain. No doubt that is it because as soon as the hard rain stopped, shortly after no water was running into our basement. The neighbor doesn't have a basement but they are getting it onto their property too. We've lived here over 30 years without water in our basement except when I turned a water switch the wrong way to our furnace, it released water throughout, what a job! It is a problem though with the farmer being in the middle of our town, he is making plenty of money selling off parcels of his land in the town for houses ~ he should build his barn below the town where he has property for his horses, but then he doesn't want to carry water and feed to them so far. It's a dilema for us!

  • things will start growing. The red bud trees, daffodils, jonquils, hyacinths, and crocus plants are flowering here. There were no large wildfires in this area in March but we've had smaller ones. The ... more
    • Thanks for the news from KS... — Delores, Sat Apr 8 8:00am
      • Happy Easter!Carole, Fri Apr 14 9:08am
        It started raining here in late March. That brought an end to wildfires. Now the farmers and ranchers are trying to burn pastures and CRP acres in between the rains. The CRP acres have to be burned... more
        • Glad to hear you are enjoying Spring!Delores, Mon Apr 17 3:10pm
          Here, it may snow (not sure) but it is so cold and should be a -3 or -4 on Thursday. I have geraniums out so they must come back into the house for some cold nights. The tulips are doing great with... more
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