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Happy Easter!
Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:08am

It started raining here in late March. That brought an end to wildfires. Now the farmers and ranchers are trying to burn pastures and CRP acres in between the rains. The CRP acres have to be burned off by a certain date before the birds want to build nests in the grass. We saw farmers planting corn yesterday so it must be dry enough to do some no till planting.

Do you have zoning laws to help with the water issues that you're having with the farmer?

Thinking about tomatoes makes me hungry for them. There's nothing like a homegrown tomato. My cool weather crops...peas, lettuce, spinach, and onions are growing. We've picked two meals of asparagus, a spring favorite of ours. The lilac bushes are in full bloom. It's been at least 10 years since they've looked this pretty. The drought and late frosts usually limit the blooms. Tulips and daffodils have been beautiful along with the flowering trees and bushes.

I hope everyone else is having a pretty spring.

  • Thanks for the news from KS...Delores, Sat Apr 8 8:00am
    sorry about the fires, one never knows what hazard comes next these days! We're still enjoying the daffodils, the tulips are beginning to show some color ~ thanks to Igor's efforts in last fall... more
    • Happy Easter! — Carole, Fri Apr 14 9:08am
      • Glad to hear you are enjoying Spring!Delores, Mon Apr 17 3:10pm
        Here, it may snow (not sure) but it is so cold and should be a -3 or -4 on Thursday. I have geraniums out so they must come back into the house for some cold nights. The tulips are doing great with... more
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