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New baby in the family!
Mon May 15, 2017 1:33pm

For those that don't know, we have a new member to our family. My daughter, Erin, gave birth (after a strenuous 27.5 hour labor!) to a beautiful little boy! Maximus Joseph Coble came into this world at 2:04am on May 9. Weighing in at 7lb-6oz, 21" long. He's such a good boy too! He doesn't cry much (more like squeaking), except when he's really hungry, or when he's getting his diaper changed.

He hates diaper changes! Doesn't like the dirty diaper, but doesn't like being undone even more!

And I get Grandma snuggles in too! Although my flight out is Tuesday night... I'm gonna miss that sweet little boy!!

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