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Amy Shippy Elson
Sat May 19, 2018 7:58pm

Hi everyone,
Hope all are keeping well and you have survived the warm weather in February and cold days April in March. May has been better just a lot of rain storms. I still have trouble with shortness of breath but otherwise doing ok.

I wonder if anyone has heard from Kristen's daughter, Erin who lives in Hawaii? We have been watching the new volcano eruptions on the big Island. I hope Erin, Husband, and their son are living in a safe area.
I would love to hear about how they are doing.

    • My daughter, ErinKristi, Mon May 21 8:17am
      They are all safe. Thanks for asking. They live in the north central area of the island, whereas, all the stuff going on is in the south east. They live in Waimea, and she works in Waikaloa Village... more
      • Keeping in touchAmy Elson, Tue May 22 9:24am
        Thank you for telling me your daughter is in a safe area. I have thought of her many times since the volcano eruptions have been occurring. We visited the big Island on a vacation trip to Hawaii... more
        • Re: Keeping in touchKristi, Wed May 23 8:31am
          Erin is a 4th grade teacher at Waikaloa Elementary (at least for the next couple of days - then it's summer vacation time!) And, yes, she loves it! She's wanted to be a teacher since about 3rd grade! ... more
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