Re: Keeping in touch
Wed May 23, 2018 8:31am

Erin is a 4th grade teacher at Waikaloa Elementary (at least for the next couple of days - then it's summer vacation time!) And, yes, she loves it! She's wanted to be a teacher since about 3rd grade! Stefan is a pilot with an air ambulance company (not helicopters - fixed wing) as medical transport. No plans for going back out there anytime soon, however... :(
Maximus is a cutie! (And he goes by Maximus...) I was actually out there for his birth! He just turned 1 on May 9th. She has a "private" Facebook page for people that want to see all the pictures and videos of him. So, even not being there, I get to see him grow. He just started walking, and is off and running!!

I'm good, Mom is doing ok. She has medical problems, and she's tired a lot! But she still travels, and enjoys going to friends houses. I don't know if she still checks in here, so if she does, maybe she can give you a better handle on her health.

  • Keeping in touchAmy Elson, Tue May 22 9:24am
    Thank you for telling me your daughter is in a safe area. I have thought of her many times since the volcano eruptions have been occurring. We visited the big Island on a vacation trip to Hawaii... more
    • Re: Keeping in touch — Kristi, Wed May 23 8:31am
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