Back checking in
Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:36pm

I gave up on reading here because I thought no one else was reading or posting. I thought I'd look today to see if it still existed.

It's good to know that no one is affected by the volcano. What a cute grandson.

I was sorry to read about Harlan. For awhile he and Sarah put life back into the family reunion. Sadly very few of my cousins keep in touch so the reunion doesn't happen anymore.

We had a death in our family last fall. On Oct. 20, 2017 my brother-in-law died. He thought he had the flu but after three days in the hospital and being diagnosed with anemia, pneumonia, and finally lueukemia plus going into cardiac arrest, he died. It was a blessing that he didn't linger but a huge shock to all of us.

My sister, Kay, is only 65. She had a struggle recently when the defibrillator in her pacemaker went off 15 times. A thyroid problem caused her heart to beat 180 times per minute. After a trip to ER and on to the cardiologist, everything is OK again.

The family information would be the death of Bill Stanley, husband of Kay Ettridge Stanley, daughter of Iva Obermeyer Ettridge, daughter of Bill and Adelia Beckel Obermeyer.

It's very hot and dry here in Kansas, similar to a dry August weather. Wheat harvest is just beginning. The wheat isn't yielding well due to drought conditions in 2017-18. Ponds are dry so farmers are hauling water to cattle or drilling new wells.

The big news here in the Tampa area is that we are in the middle of wind farm construction. There will be more than 90 wind turbines in Marion and McPherson Counties. We'll have one on a farm where no one lives. It's quite a project with 270 workers doing dirt work currently. Our quiet little community isn't so quiet anymore.

All of our kids and grandkids live out of state now because our older son and his wife moved to Missouri. I think that is a years worth of news from central Kansas.

    • keeping in touchamy shippy elson, Wed Jun 13 10:47am
      Dear Carole I was glad to hear from you and am sorry of the death of your brother-in-law, Bill, on October 20,2017. I have added that fact to the genealogy record on my computer. Did Bill and Kay... more
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