It's nearly July 4th ~ hope all is well!
Sun Jul 1, 2018 5:12am

Thought I would take a look to see if any postings ~ sure enough the BFMB still exists! We're still plugging along here in Germany. Just took a vacation for a week to Azore Islands (Portugal) in the middle of the Atlantc. It was my first time, Igor was there on his 1st overseas assignment with DOD teaching at Terceria island.(1966-67 school year) We were married then by proxy (Dad and me in Las Vegas ~ Igor's mother flower girl ~ Margaret was Maid of Honor) the minister of Little Chapel had an important message that has lasted us already 51 years of marriage. The island San Miguel was like a park wherever one drove ~ flowers on both sides of the road, weeds and grass trimmed regularly ~ beautiful sights everywhere! Nature at it's best!
The heat is on super hot here in Germany, it will soon look like a desert if we don't get rain soon ~ the flowers need water nearly every day as well as my large group of balcony tomatoes, yard tomatoes of all kinds. I don't plant anything else except pumpkins. For several years, beans-zucchinis-strawberries just don't like it here anymore. Maybe I don't have the touch or we are gone too often.

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