I'm going to try short updates. Mornings are busy and at
Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:36pm

night I'm tired. The time never seems right to do a long post.

The base for our wind turbine is finished. We've heard that in the western part of the county the towers are being installed. We're at the end of the wind farm. It's been quite a process. Estimates are of 300-400 workers. They've hauled many, many loads of rock because the towers are located on dirt roads. They have their own cement plants. Each plant has 12 trucks, hauling to build the bases. It's been a big adjustment for a tiny town in a rural area. There are two more wind farms under consideration of the southern half of the county.

We're all OK. It's been a long, hot dry spring and summer. August has been better. The temperatures have been normal or cooler than normal. We're getting rain. Ponds have been dry but now have a foot or so of water in them. It's been a difficult year for the farmers.

I hope all of your are doing well.

    • wind turbines, hot weatherDelores, Sun Sep 2 11:05am
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