wind turbines, hot weather
Sun Sep 2, 2018 11:05am

Sure feel for you with the hot weather. I so remember KS with too much heat sometimes in the summertime. Here it was some kind of record heat wave that just lasted for several months with no rain, once it did - the ground was so hard it created havoc for the people whose home was downhill, then the surge of water into their house. We only have no green grass, trees are losing their leaves long before October. Just now coolish temps are moving in.
I remember Obama being so impressed with German wind farms! We do have them here, and more and more are being built ~ I understand each one costs to build 1 million euros - they are enormous sticking out on every hill!
We're still moving along in our years ~ now 80! Daughter and family were visiting, got us into DNA Ancestry - it seems mine is 1/3 British ~ it's hard to believe, maybe with so many wars people were displaced especially here in Europe. To my recollection, my mother's ancestors came from Stettin, Germany (now Poland since War II). Father family maybe in the same region (Pomerania) some and then Hanover, W. germany. My DNA was the same as 5th-8th cousins, a few I've contacted ~ interesting how one said his great grandparents Germans, but spoke Russian and Polish ~ that goes back to 1700's when Catherine the Great (German princess) imported Germans into Russia like homesteaders in KS, USA.

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    • wind turbines, hot weather — Delores, Sun Sep 2 11:05am
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