Hi Delores! We had August weather in May. Now we're
Fri Sep 7, 2018 11:20am

having May weather and April showers. It's been very cool and rainy all week. We're greener now than we've been all year. Gary is mowing instead of watering. We had planned to go to a tractor show in eastern Kansas but it's too rainy.

We're taken advantage of the rainy mornings to clean out our storage room upstairs. We've tried to eliminate things in the past but it fills up again. We're more aggressive this time. Attending an estate sale in Tampa made me aware of how much stuff we have that no one will want when we're gone.

The wind farm is a European company. I'll have to look at the information and post something about it later.

That's interesting about your ancestry. Gary's Mennonite family immigrated to Russia when Catherine the Great opened areas for them. When her son tried to conscript their sons into the military, the Mennonites came to the US.

  • wind turbines, hot weatherDelores, Sun Sep 2 11:05am
    Sure feel for you with the hot weather. I so remember KS with too much heat sometimes in the summertime. Here it was some kind of record heat wave that just lasted for several months with no rain,... more
    • Hi Delores! We had August weather in May. Now we're — Carole, Fri Sep 7 11:20am
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