Sat Dec 22, 2018 10:07am

and a Happy New Year 2019! We're still at it the best we can with the aging and all. Visited family in Seattle WA and L.A. CA end of November and first part of December. It was just in time to see the lovely Christmas decorations and see our grandkids in musical presentations and a Christmas pageant! We are so blessed! We'll be here in Germany this Christmas for a change, hoping for snow but so far only one day of it, then melted with fluctuating temperatures. We can expect a WET Christmas this year, no snow unless the weather man made a long range mistake! Wishing you all well for the holidays and year to come!

    • Your dadBrian Obermeyer, Sat Feb 2 9:23am
      Delores - I just read your dad's "Heritage of Herbert Beckel" again. So glad he put that together... it's priceless! I enjoyed visiting with your dad by phone and email in the last couple of years of ... more
      • HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!Delores, Sat Apr 13 5:38pm
        Just checked in to find somebody is helping to continue the Beckel board ~ Thanks Brian ~ Well, seems you know more than I do about Adolph Beckel (my grandfather whom I've never met). I believe he... more
        • Re: HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!Anonymous, Wed Apr 17 8:54pm
          Hi Delores! I would love to chat by phone sometime. Also, drop me an email (at so I can email you the Beckel family history album that your dad put together. It's priceless! I... more
          • Re: HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!Delores, Thu Apr 18 5:13pm
            OK Brian, I will email you now. Not sure about Family Search Ancestry. I tried looking in there but really got no where. I'd like to share my DNA Ancestry with yours to see if it is the same or... more
      • Heritage of Herbert BeckelKristi, Tue Feb 5 8:19am
        Hi cousin(s)! What is this "Heritage of Herbert Beckel" you speak of? Not sure I've read it, but would love to! Please share!
        • Heritage of Herbert BeckelBrian Obermeyer, Wed Apr 17 8:59pm
          Hi Kristi - Just saw this. I will email you now the Heritage Album that Uncle Herb put together. Brian
        • Heritage of Herbert BeckelDelores, Sat Apr 13 6:16pm
          Dad took a writing class in his Senior years 85+ ~ he wrote many stories, mostly about his family. He was an avid reader, newspapers of course, but most particularly he liked Tony Hillerman... more
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