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Re: Edge: 1982
Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:16pm

Yes, it was Bob Hover who played Lane Wilson.

I didn't like the Martyr Of Eden storyline (although I did like Mark Andrews as Chad Sutherland), especially the last weeks of it with Jody so absorbed in the notion she was related to Marie Bonaventure she appeared at the renaissance festival (or whatever it was) and then at the end she was told it was all a farce. Some ending.

I'll even say that I thought the ending to Draper's amnesia storyline was a bit of a letdown. All those months leading up to the amusement park and what happens--Draper wanders for a second or two and there arrives Logan and April. They should've played out Draper being hunted by Larry Watts around the park for a while.

  • Edge: 1982Rob, Sat Feb 27 8:56pm
    Edge of Night really went through some difficult times in 1982. I abhorred the Martyr of Eden storyline. It was just dreadful and I almost turned off Edge at that point. What a disappointment after... more
    • Re: Edge: 1982 — rschober75, Sat Feb 27 9:16pm
      • Mark AndrewsRob, Sun Feb 28 4:55am
        I couldn't stand Mark Andrews. I truly thought he was one of the worst actors I had ever seen. There was another actor (Peter Webster) on the show at that time as part of the Eden storyline. He... more
        • Re: Mark Andrewsdanfling, Wed Mar 3 2:26pm
          I thought that Mark Andrews was a bad actor also. He later appeared on The Doctors - then I saw him in a movie. He seems to have disappeared since that time.
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