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Jean Rouverol Obituary
Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:23pm

Jean Rouverol has passed away. In addition to writing As the World Turns and The Guiding Light, she also authored the non-fiction book Writing for the Soaps.


    • Jean Rouverol's deathdanfling, Tue Apr 4 4:48pm
      I am so sorry to learn of her death. I remember that she was a writer for The Guiding Light. What storylines did she introduce?
      • She was there only for a short time ...Peter, Wed Apr 5 9:41am
        Jean Rouverol wrote for "Guiding Light" for a very short time, in the calendar year of 1976, when she turned 60 years old in July of that year. I do believe she may have introduced and wrote much of... more
        • RouverolMark, Sun Jul 9 1:29am
          Jean Rouverol wrote for GL for A LOT longer. She continued writing GL until the end of 1979 when headwriters Bridget & Jerome Dobson left for ATWT. She was even nominated for another Emmy for the... more
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