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She was there only for a short time ...
Wed Apr 5, 2017 9:41am

Jean Rouverol wrote for "Guiding Light" for a very short time, in the calendar year of 1976, when she turned 60 years old in July of that year. I do believe she may have introduced and wrote much of what would be the story behind Dr. Justin Marler, though, and may have also helped to introduce Ben McFerren to the canvas. She also might have contributed to some of the longer term audiences' anger as helping to write or contribute to the death of Leslie Jackson Bauer Norris Bauer.

  • Jean Rouverol's deathdanfling, Tue Apr 4 4:48pm
    I am so sorry to learn of her death. I remember that she was a writer for The Guiding Light. What storylines did she introduce?
    • She was there only for a short time ... — Peter, Wed Apr 5 9:41am
      • RouverolMark, Sun Jul 9 1:29am
        Jean Rouverol wrote for GL for A LOT longer. She continued writing GL until the end of 1979 when headwriters Bridget & Jerome Dobson left for ATWT. She was even nominated for another Emmy for the... more
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