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Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:55pm

Douglas Marland was in the process of writing "Soul Survivors" in mid 1986. Because rumors of "Capitol" being canceled were starting, I don't think it would have made it to TV since "Y&R" had just broken into the #1 slot and wanted its success repeated in a sister soap for it (B&B) should "Capitol" leave. Plus, ATWT was going through its second Golden Age with the introduction of the Snyder family that Marland had penned.

  • Re: Proposed serialsIan, Sun Jun 25 5:23pm
    I'd heard of "Pacific Lovers" and "Manhattan Lovers" as "Pacific Lives" and "Manhattan Lives", but featuring Marlena instead of Kayla. Frankly, Kayla might've been more interesting. In a similar... more
    • Proposed SoapsRob, Thu Jun 29 8:17pm
      "Pacific Lives" was set in Hawaii and was slated to focus on members of the Horton and Brady families. Tommy Horton and his daughter Sandy were supposed to be featured. "Manhattan Lives" was around... more
    • Proposed serialsO'Neill , Mon Jun 26 6:37pm
      I agree "Scruples" would've been decadent fun! In 2012 a prime time pilot version of "Scruples" was filmed and but was never picked up. It was to star Claire Forlani as Billy, Chad Michael Murray as... more
    • ..one more... — Tyler77, Mon Jun 26 5:55pm
      • Soul SurvivorsRob, Thu Jun 29 8:21pm
        I think "Soul Survivors" was later than 1986. Marland has already been at "World Turns" for a few years when CBS approached him about creating a new soap. SS would have featured a small cast of... more
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