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Sat Jul 8, 2017 12:25am

NBC had committed to a daytime version of the recently cancelled Flamingo Road primetime series, but there was a change in management and it was shelved.

When The Doctors was struggling in 1965,NBC was interested in Masterson' Valley from Robert J Shaw.

CBS proposed Mildred Pierce in the late 50's.

ABC announced a western themed soap"Hope Springs' in the early 60's but it was dropped.

  • Proposed Soap Operas and SerialsO'Neill , Thu Jun 22 4:47am
    Hey Soap Historians: What proposed soap operas, serials, prime time soaps, etc, were proposed and possibly developed over the years but never came to fruition? Also, in your esteemed opinions, which... more
    • Calliope Jones soapTyler77, Mon Jul 10 4:10pm
      Now I don't know if I have an active imagination, but wasn't Calliope Jones ("Days Of Our Lives") supposed to be spun off into her own soap? I think it was supposed to be heavily focused on comedy... more
    • More proposed shows — Hidden Faces, Sat Jul 8 12:25am
    • another (Shelby Grant)danfling, Sat Jul 1 12:55pm
      Actress-turned-writer Shelby Grant created a soap opera that was never produced. The rumors were that John F. Kennedy, Jr. was to be in the cast. Shortly after that, Christopher Lawford (his first... more
    • The Boulevard or The Avenuedanfling, Sat Jul 1 12:51pm
      Another proposed soap opera was The Boulevard or The Avenue (I forget which). It was to have aired around five or six o'clock on the USA network. One rumor was that Victoria Wyndham was to be in the... more
    • Other Proposed SoapsRob, Thu Jun 29 8:28pm
      Some proposed soaps that I remember from over the years: Lifeguards was an ABC soap around 1984, created by the people who did CHIPS on NBC Single was an ABC soap created by Claire Labine and focused ... more
    • somedanfling, Sat Jun 24 12:15pm
      Henry Slesar wrote a Bible for a spy-based soap opera. It was not bought, but, later, he was asked to write Somerset. (He was already writing The Edge of Night.) There was a proposed spin-off serial... more
      • Proposed Soap operasO'neill, Sat Jun 24 11:24pm
        I think a period soap opera would be interesting. Look at how well "Mad Men" was done. Any time period could be dramatic and contain soap opera elements. What say you, Soap Historians? Thanks in... more
        • period soap Jose Ruiz, Sun Jul 9 12:30am
          I have three period soap ideas that I think would work. My hope is to produce one episode on public access TV. I want it to look like one of those episodes that were filmed (kinescope). But I haven't ... more
          • Period soapO'neill, Tue Sep 12 1:03am
            Jose Ruiz, That sounds fascinating and something I would watch. Can you whet our appetite a little? What time periods? Give us a little synopsis! Thanks in advance, O
      • Proposed serialsTyler77, Sat Jun 24 1:25pm
        "Pacific Lovers" (or may have been called "Manhattan Lovers"--not sure)--spin off of "Days" proposed in the mid 80's. Would have focused on the Kayla character. "Scruples"--based on the Judith Krantz ... more
        • Re: Proposed serialsIan, Sun Jun 25 5:23pm
          I'd heard of "Pacific Lovers" and "Manhattan Lovers" as "Pacific Lives" and "Manhattan Lives", but featuring Marlena instead of Kayla. Frankly, Kayla might've been more interesting. In a similar... more
          • Proposed SoapsRob, Thu Jun 29 8:17pm
            "Pacific Lives" was set in Hawaii and was slated to focus on members of the Horton and Brady families. Tommy Horton and his daughter Sandy were supposed to be featured. "Manhattan Lives" was around... more
          • Proposed serialsO'Neill , Mon Jun 26 6:37pm
            I agree "Scruples" would've been decadent fun! In 2012 a prime time pilot version of "Scruples" was filmed and but was never picked up. It was to star Claire Forlani as Billy, Chad Michael Murray as... more
          • ..one more...Tyler77, Mon Jun 26 5:55pm
            Douglas Marland was in the process of writing "Soul Survivors" in mid 1986. Because rumors of "Capitol" being canceled were starting, I don't think it would have made it to TV since "Y&R" had just... more
            • Soul SurvivorsRob, Thu Jun 29 8:21pm
              I think "Soul Survivors" was later than 1986. Marland has already been at "World Turns" for a few years when CBS approached him about creating a new soap. SS would have featured a small cast of... more
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