danfling's Cancelled Soap Opera Messageboard (includes The Edge of Night)
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Jose Ruiz
new serials
Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:11pm

Any new serial would probably have a rich family at the center with no older characters or middle class. It would be glitzy. I want to see a more retro style soap opera that takes place in a small town.

  • Doubt on CBSdanfling, Sun Aug 13 3:45pm
    I have been watching the television drama Doubt this summer on CBS. The cast has included these soap opera performers: Lawrence Pressman (The Edge of Night; the show set in Pine Valley) Tom Wright... more
    • new serials — Jose Ruiz, Mon Aug 14 8:11pm
      • I would agree with that.Peter, Tue Aug 15 2:42pm
        I'd even settle for a serial that perhaps had at its center say what goes on in say a college town setting (sort of "Another World" type show), or centered on crime-mystery story lines (yes, another... more
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