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article mentions John Connell (Young Doctor Malone)
Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:43pm

Here is an article from the Atlanta Mirrow that mentions the late actor John Connell (Young Doctor Malone, Dark Shadows):

(NOTE: Mr. Connell's son-in-law, Daryl Anderson of CBS's Lou Grant and numerous game shows, has posted on this messageboard before.)

For producer, SAG Awards a family legacy


Jan 21, 2018

Sandy Cohen

LOS ANGELES — For Kathy Connell, putting on the Screen Actors Guild Awards is part of a family legacy.

The veteran producer behind every SAG Awards ceremony first got involved with the union because of her actor father, and serving on the union board led her to meet her husband, Daryl Anderson.

Connell and Anderson were on the team that pioneered the idea of the actors’ union having its own celebration during Hollywood’s awards season. They helped come up with the concept and categories, and have worked on the show together since it debuted in 1995.

Connell is preparing for her 24th SAG Awards telecast this year, and she tears up when talking about how much working for actors and the union she grew up with means to her.

“I say I’m the luckiest woman on the planet because I work for a union that I care for deeply,” she said. “I love actors more than I can say, and I’m lucky enough to work for them.”

Both of her parents were entertainers. Her father was an actor and mom was a dancer. Connell was 13 years old when her mother had a debilitating stroke, and she remembers her dad turning to the actors’ union for financial and emotional support.

In gratitude, John Connell — who appeared in the 1964 film “Fail-Safe” and 1975’s “Three Days of the Condor” as well as various TV series, including “Dark Shadows” — served as a board member in New York. And Kathy Connell followed her father’s lead.

This year’s show will air today from the Shrine Auditorium near downtown Los Angeles.

Putting together the seating chart — which mixes casts from TV and film and big stars with emerging ones — is a painstaking effort. Connell has last year’s poster-sized seating diagram in her office, which is otherwise soothingly decorated.

“I call it seating a wedding, on speed, for camera,” Connell said.

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