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Mitchell Ryan (Ben Jarrod, Another World The Edge of Night,
Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:45pm

I am interested in actor Mitchell Ryan and his first serial, Ben Jarrod Attorney at Law.

He appeared in the Roy Winsor-created (or -produced) serial, NBC Ben Jerrod Attorney at Law, which was quickly cancelled. Someone at NBC or Procter and Gamble (possibly Irna Nixon?) must have liked him because he quickly was added to the cast of Another World as attorney John Randolph. After being written off that show, he had a small dayrole (or several day) on The Edge of Night. (Oh, and I nearly forgot that he appeared on the serial Another Life.)

What had he done previous to being of daytime television?

Was Ben Jarrod Attorney at Law produced in New York or California (or somewhere else)? I do know that it was the first soap opera broadcast in color.

    • John RandolphJose Ruiz, Thu Apr 12 1:27pm
      How many actors played John Randolph on AW? Was the character written out in order to bring in younger and cheaper actors?
      • John #1danfling, Tue Apr 24 3:07pm
        Mr. Ryan was the only actor to play the role of John on Another World (unless there were substitutes for him).
      • re randolphmisspentyouth, Mon Apr 16 11:54am
        Actor Michael M. Ryan, who died last year, was the only actor to play the role of AW's John Randolph. Randolph was "killed off" in a fire mainly as a flashpoint to spark interest in AW when the show... more
    • The above post should have been about MICHAEL RYAN - not Mitchell.
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