danfling's Cancelled Soap Opera Messageboard (includes The Edge of Night)
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Jose Ruiz
John Randolph
Thu Apr 12, 2018 1:27pm

How many actors played John Randolph on AW? Was the character written out in order to bring in younger and cheaper actors?

  • I am interested in actor Mitchell Ryan and his first serial, Ben Jarrod Attorney at Law. He appeared in the Roy Winsor-created (or -produced) serial, NBC Ben Jerrod Attorney at Law, which was quickly ... more
    • John Randolph — Jose Ruiz, Thu Apr 12 1:27pm
      • John #1danfling, Tue Apr 24 3:07pm
        Mr. Ryan was the only actor to play the role of John on Another World (unless there were substitutes for him).
      • re randolphmisspentyouth, Mon Apr 16 11:54am
        Actor Michael M. Ryan, who died last year, was the only actor to play the role of AW's John Randolph. Randolph was "killed off" in a fire mainly as a flashpoint to spark interest in AW when the show... more
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