danfling's Cancelled Soap Opera Messageboard (includes The Edge of Night)
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Robert L Forester
Re: Liza and Kentucky
Wed Apr 25, 2018 5:51am

I liked this era . But Kentucky and Liza was not working and she went or him very soon after Travis was killed too.

  • Liza and KentuckyTyler77, Tue Apr 24 6:00pm
    I never understood what the writers had in mind for Liza Sentell and Kentucky Bluebird...He was such a complete opposite from Travis. Kentucky flew in on the canvas, and just disappeared....was it... more
    • Re: Liza and KentuckyTom, Sun May 6 5:54am
      Jon Michael Reed reported in his newspaper column that Will Patton was offered a contract but turned it down because he was starting to get film roles and didnít want to be tied down to one part. I... more
      • Rod Arrants; Sherry Mathisdanfling, Mon Jun 18 7:39am
        I enjoyed the soap opera roles of Rod Arrants. (I saw him in both Lovers and Friends and Search for Tomorrow.) I never cared for Sherry Mathis. I know that she was beloved by a group of fans, but I... more
    • Re: Liza and Kentucky — Robert L Forester, Wed Apr 25 5:51am
      • Search for Tomorrowdanfling, Thu Apr 26 9:22am
        Kentucky was probably meant to be a big new character, but the audience probably did not accept him - so, as the writers changed, his character left. Speaking of Search for Tomorrow, I really wanted... more
        • Rhonda Sue and RingoTyler77, Fri May 11 10:17am
          Rhonda Sue....well...we didn't need her to re-create her Lurlene Harper character from "Texas"...Her "out there" personality just did not mesh well with Henderson. Rhonda Sue was OK in small doses,... more
          • Ringo and Rhonda Sue, Search for Tomorrowdanfling, Tue May 22 3:33pm
            I never viewed the character of Lurlene Harper, so the presence of this actress was similar to a breath of fresh air to me. And, since Search for Tomorrow was probably higher rated that Texas,... more
        • Re: Search for TomorrowDavid , Thu Apr 26 4:48pm
          I think this was around the time TIIC not only fired future Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis as potential new wife for Stu with a young daughter, they had them out of the blue leave town the day after... more
          • things happenJose Ruiz, Wed May 9 9:10am
            Olympia getting dumped from the show was probably the best thing that happened to her career. If she were bound to the show she wouldn't have been able to do movies and we all know how that turned... more
            • TIIC is usually shorthand for .Peter, Thu May 10 4:25am
              ... the "The Idiots in Charge" (meaning the production team of a show, most importantly the writers).
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