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Ringo and Rhonda Sue, Search for Tomorrow
Tue May 22, 2018 3:33pm

I never viewed the character of Lurlene Harper, so the presence of this actress was similar to a breath of fresh air to me. And, since Search for Tomorrow was probably higher rated that Texas, probably more of its views had never seen it either. And, I don't think that the show gave her enough time to develop and to expand the character past her initial episodes.

Lawrence Fleishman had proven himself as a great actor on the show set in Pine Valley when he created the role of Benny Sage. These two were QUITE good, and I wish that the writers had kept them on for a longer period.

  • Rhonda Sue and RingoTyler77, Fri May 11 10:17am
    Rhonda Sue....well...we didn't need her to re-create her Lurlene Harper character from "Texas"...Her "out there" personality just did not mesh well with Henderson. Rhonda Sue was OK in small doses,... more
    • Ringo and Rhonda Sue, Search for Tomorrow — danfling, Tue May 22 3:33pm
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