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Jose Ruiz
Carla, Sadie, Ed Hall
Sun Sep 9, 2018 9:33pm

How were Carla, Sadie, and Ed written out of the show in Llanview?

    • Sadie---Tyler77, Mon Sep 10 2:46pm
      From what I understand, Lillian Hayman, who played Sadie Gray, was approached by a writer or producer on the parking deck where OLTL was recorded and told her then and there she was no longer needed... more
      • more on these three departuresdanfling, Tue Sep 18 9:44am
        No, that is not exactly true. It is true about how Ms. Hayman learned that she was being written off. It does not answer the question about the departure of the characters. During the time that there ... more
        • Thank youJose Ruiz, Tue Sep 18 11:15pm
          Thank you for a very informative post.
        • African Americans and soapsJose Ruiz, Tue Sep 18 7:45pm
          I love the soap opera genre and I hope there will be a revival some day. But they surely did a lousy job integrating the casts. I guess it reflects the feelings of the people behind he camera.
          • agreeddanfling, Fri Sep 21 10:26am
            I think so. I also think that perhaps writers and producers would have wanted more integration, but the networks would have not approved.
            • More integrationJose Ruiz, Mon Oct 1 1:07pm
              I agree, the writers were probably hampered by the networks who were worried about losing affiliates in certain parts of the country.
        • Re: more on these three departuresdanfling, Tue Sep 18 9:46am
          Also, the show did have African-American guest stars: Ashford and Simpson, Kurtis Blow, Snoop Dogg were three.
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