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an off-beat suggestion as a successor to J. Courtney on Anot
Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:37am

We have discussed on this webpage some suggested replacements for Jacqueline Courtney as Alice on Another World when she left that show in 1976.

My two favorite suggestions were both from myself: Leigh Lassen (from Search for Tomorrow) and Judith Light (who was, at that time, an unknown face who did not desire to be on soap operas).

However, I have been thinking of a third, off-beat option.

This actress was one of the most versatile ones on television. She played a number of roles on her first soap opera, and, after its cancellation, she played roles on The Doctors and One Life to Live. I did not see her on those last two shows, but I suppose that she was good in them.

She did replace Faith Catlin on Ryan's Hope and was unsuccessful in that role for reasons I do not understand, so, as Alice Frame #2, she may have also been unsuccessful.

I am speaking of Nancy Barrett.

How do you think that she would have been as Alice #2 on Another World?

(By the way, I LOVED Susan Harney in the role.)

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