Janice M Murphy
Sun Dec 1, 2013 22:24

Allison, how in the world could we have forgotten you. I think of you and Bevis (we took the train to Hiroshima together and we had a picnic - still have some pix of that event. You and wee Liz and Gordon...
This is the eve of Della's birthday so this is a beyond a sweet b/d present. Della and I live only 1hr apart - she in Palm Springs in the desert and me in the San Jacinto mountains in a small town of Idyllwild. We had no idea how settled so close together...Della just retired 6 yrs ago and I retired some 7 yrs ago. Life is good - and we are simply chuffed to the tits to hear from you. Dells just happened to be here to celebrate her birthday when we got your msg. Whoopie Shit is hear and happy. Want to know of you and your life and kids and, and, and...
Love from Della
Love from Me

  • Re: Looking for Perallison gray (reid), Sun Dec 1 13:01
    hi murphy hows you...do you remember me Scottish Allison was with you and della in japan....check out HOI on facebook you will find lots of friends there allison
    • OMG! — Janice M Murphy, Sun Dec 1 22:24
      • Re: OMG!Allison gray, Sat Jul 26 00:38
        Hi Janice Would you believe it I never got notified of your reply way back in dec and was looking thru the per Larson thread and saw your reply. I am going to give you my email so we can keep in... more
        • This is the OLD boardKathy Gingras, Sun Jul 27 05:54
          Note to all.... this message board is an OLD one... no idea how well it works anymore, nor can I access it to make any changes. Remember though, if you do want updates, you need to click inside the... more
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