Allison gray
Re: OMG!
Sat Jul 26, 2014 00:38

Hi Janice
Would you believe it I never got notified of your reply way back in dec and was looking thru the per Larson thread and saw your reply. I am going to give you my email so we can keep in touch
Hope to hear from you soon

  • OMG!Janice M Murphy, Sun Dec 1 22:24
    Allison, how in the world could we have forgotten you. I think of you and Bevis (we took the train to Hiroshima together and we had a picnic - still have some pix of that event. You and wee Liz and... more
    • Re: OMG! — Allison gray, Sat Jul 26 00:38
      • This is the OLD boardKathy Gingras, Sun Jul 27 05:54
        Note to all.... this message board is an OLD one... no idea how well it works anymore, nor can I access it to make any changes. Remember though, if you do want updates, you need to click inside the... more
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