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Blackpool Attendance list
Fri Nov 5, 2004 18:34 (XFF:



  • Hotels in BlackpoolHyilda, Fri Nov 5 18:18
    Hi All, Before we all book in to the "Big Blue" Hotel, which would be a nice but still plus rate, is very expensive!! I would like to inform you that we are working with other hotels which have rooms ... more
    • Blackpool Attendance list — Hyilda, Fri Nov 5 18:34
      • Re: Blackpool Attendance listAlison Walsingham, Sat Nov 6 02:55
        I glad to hear the Pleasure beach are only "half" organising this event, I am very sorry but was it not us that started the ball rolling. I need the reply's to organise space etc. You are sending a... more
        • confussingHyilda, Sat Nov 6 06:59
          Was not aware that I was confussing anyone! I am trying to get my old division and friends together, and need to know who is coming.I donīt have a problem in forwarding or sharing my list with you... more
          • Re: confussingalison Walsingham, Sat Nov 6 07:11
            When have i ever said it was just for me, all i am trying to say is that i need people responces so that venues and extras can be arranged. If i only think so many people are attending and then i... more
            • SHUT UPBo Beckett, Sat Nov 6 07:40
              Can we not just let one person deal with things? I hope that there are no problems with the reunion. All I want to do is meet up with my old friends. Some of us are fair to old to do anything... more
              • Re: SHUT UPalison walsingahm, Sat Nov 6 07:45
                If any one wants to help me i don't mind i just don't want a separation thing happening at the event. holiday on one side and every body else on the other. If hilyda has ideas great but let us all... more
                • Please calm down!Roland, Sat Nov 6 09:10
                  Hi everybody, just having read the latest postings here at the board, I feel a need to point out that there's really no need for anybody to be in opposite camps. As far as I have been told over the... more
                  • Re: Please calm down!Val, Sat Nov 6 12:26
                    Can we please give poor Aliy a break here? Organizing something like this is a huge amount of work and I imagine it's in addition to her regular job. Please don't let this go the way of a couple of... more
                    • HotelsDee Wray Croney, Fri Nov 12 11:44
                      Hi all I replied to the guest house that put a notice on this board and have a 'pencilled in' booking with them for 5 nights. It works out, for a single, at around Ģ90 for the stay. Sounds like the... more
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