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alison walsingahm
Sat Nov 6, 2004 07:45 (XFF:

If any one wants to help me i don't mind i just don't want a separation thing happening at the event. holiday on one side and every body else on the other. If hilyda has ideas great but let us all share and not just holiday every one, if the reunion is not up to everyu body's standard then i am very sorry, at least i have tried and you can't please every body.

  • SHUT UPBo Beckett, Sat Nov 6 07:40
    Can we not just let one person deal with things? I hope that there are no problems with the reunion. All I want to do is meet up with my old friends. Some of us are fair to old to do anything... more
    • Re: SHUT UP — alison walsingahm, Sat Nov 6 07:45
      • Please calm down!Roland, Sat Nov 6 09:10
        Hi everybody, just having read the latest postings here at the board, I feel a need to point out that there's really no need for anybody to be in opposite camps. As far as I have been told over the... more
        • Re: Please calm down!Val, Sat Nov 6 12:26
          Can we please give poor Aliy a break here? Organizing something like this is a huge amount of work and I imagine it's in addition to her regular job. Please don't let this go the way of a couple of... more
          • HotelsDee Wray Croney, Fri Nov 12 11:44
            Hi all I replied to the guest house that put a notice on this board and have a 'pencilled in' booking with them for 5 nights. It works out, for a single, at around 90 for the stay. Sounds like the... more
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