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Please calm down!
Sat Nov 6, 2004 09:10 (XFF:

Hi everybody,

just having read the latest postings here at the board, I feel a need to point out that there's really no need for anybody to be in opposite camps.

As far as I have been told over the last months, it is a question of money for many of the skaters who will be travelling half the way around the globe to attend the reunion, and not just across the channel. Some of them will also bring their partners or children with them which will double or even multiply the costs.

For these kids, the costs of accomodation and transportation do matter a lot and if there's any chance to reduce these costs, they will surely feel very relieved about it. These financial things should be handled with discretion at any time so that nobody gets the feeling of becoming uncovered. It would be embarrassing if someone had to confess that he cannot attend the reunion because he simply can't afford the hotel.

And this is just what Hyilda was trying to say. Neither did he mean to set up a second HOI reunion within the reunion, nor to disrespect Alison's efforts in organizing the event, nor to confuse anybody.

His only intent was to point out that there are other hotels or guesthouses apart from the chosen hotel - which simply means, in other words, that there is a hotel for any pocket.

I could imagine that one of the main difficulties about the organisation is putting together all contributions and suggestions that come from everywhere, all over the world.

Nevertheless, we should pool these ideas in a constructive way without anybody feeling personally offended because of this.

So please, everybody, don't start a quarrel.


  • Re: SHUT UPalison walsingahm, Sat Nov 6 07:45
    If any one wants to help me i don't mind i just don't want a separation thing happening at the event. holiday on one side and every body else on the other. If hilyda has ideas great but let us all... more
    • Please calm down! — Roland, Sat Nov 6 09:10
      • Re: Please calm down!Val, Sat Nov 6 12:26
        Can we please give poor Aliy a break here? Organizing something like this is a huge amount of work and I imagine it's in addition to her regular job. Please don't let this go the way of a couple of... more
        • HotelsDee Wray Croney, Fri Nov 12 11:44
          Hi all I replied to the guest house that put a notice on this board and have a 'pencilled in' booking with them for 5 nights. It works out, for a single, at around 90 for the stay. Sounds like the... more
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