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Where the hell is the DELETE BUTTON!!??
Sat Nov 6, 2004 18:43 (XFF:

Thanks to lost passwords I am not able to access the "behind the scenes" on this board, or I would delete a whole thread.

That having been said...

Alison is organizing a huge reunion and we were lucky enough to be invited in to be a part of. So anything to do with the actual reunion event, like tickets and possibly hotel reservations, need to go thru Alison. It is her that needs names and numbers, not just of our gang, but all the skaters attending.

However, that being said, Hyilda and I (and a few sideliners who shall remain nameless to avoid further bloodshed) are trying to get numbers of the HOI gang, to be posted on our website... for the sole purpose of letting others see who is going in order to possibly encourage people to also attend. You know how it goes, you see a name from the past, an old roomie, a best friend from the 50's, and you decided to attend also! I figured the best place to post this is on the website, on a seperate page, that you can check out periodically.

As for planned events just for HOI... some of us shall be arriving ahead of the weekend, and possibly staying a bit longer (to make the flight, etc. worthwhile) and so Hyilda and company are looking into finding fun things for us to do during that time. Alison has done such a great job of making sure we are amused for the weekend, I don't think we can squeeze another thing in, but there is always those off days to think about. I for one would be going nuts knowing that there were other Hol'Icers running around Blackpool and I had no way to know where they were staying, or have a common ground in which to meet. Hell, most everyone I have never met anyway (and who is to say that the photos they send me on the net were not retouched!! haha)

So, that is basically what we are up to. Nothing offhanded about it at all, I just think the lines were crossed. No harm done, let's get back to dreaming about how wonderful it shall be to see how BLOODY old and chunky the skinny bitch from 1974 is now!! haha

    • where is your listallison, Tue Nov 30 02:00
      kathy what happened to your list of people who are going to the reunion.
      • My ListKathy, Tue Nov 30 04:40
        Hi Allison... My list was not accurate, according to the list that Alison sent. I posted that as we didn't have ANY list, but now that Alison is posting names, it saves me from having to, and hers is ... more
    • i am goingallison, Sun Nov 7 13:33
      hi kathy sounds a good idea to me to put a list up on the site. i am going but with who i dont know yet i think hubby wants to go but friends are going on their own ( without hubbys) . i agree alison ... more
      • ok, list has been postedKathy, Sun Nov 7 17:01
        I have posted a list of the ppl I can figure out are going. Please send me an email if you want your name included, makes it so much easier than trying to go thru the board looking for names. Cheers, ... more
        • add my name .........stuart mcdonald, Mon Nov 29 15:05
          Hi i'm syuart Mcdonald can you add my name thanks sweetie.
          • re: Add my nameKathy, Tue Nov 30 04:43
            Hi Stuart... You have posted this to the old board... good thing it didn't get lost. I am not making a list as it doesn't protray truly who is attending, however Alison in Blackpool has posted a list ... more
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