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ok, list has been posted
Sun Nov 7, 2004 17:01 (XFF:

I have posted a list of the ppl I can figure out are going.

Please send me an email if you want your name included, makes it so much easier than trying to go thru the board looking for names.


  • i am goingallison, Sun Nov 7 13:33
    hi kathy sounds a good idea to me to put a list up on the site. i am going but with who i dont know yet i think hubby wants to go but friends are going on their own ( without hubbys) . i agree alison ... more
    • ok, list has been posted — Kathy, Sun Nov 7 17:01
      • add my name .........stuart mcdonald, Mon Nov 29 15:05
        Hi i'm syuart Mcdonald can you add my name thanks sweetie.
        • re: Add my nameKathy, Tue Nov 30 04:43
          Hi Stuart... You have posted this to the old board... good thing it didn't get lost. I am not making a list as it doesn't protray truly who is attending, however Alison in Blackpool has posted a list ... more
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