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Child Minders Available
Mon Nov 8, 2004 21:10 (XFF:

Becks has set up child minders for our benefit to make it that much easier to attend.

I have copied what she wrote regarding this...

"we have a local company who child minds all over the North of England. For the Black Tie Dinner, do you think it would be worthwhile checking out prices of sitting services for younger kids? They do it on a group basis aswell as individual. They are highly recommended - I have not used them personally but a lot of the staff from my kids nursery also work for Safehands so I know they hire experienced & qualified child carers. They often accommodate bookings for functions such as ours."

This sounds like something that could be very useful. I do not know how many children will be attending that might need this service... but what a great thing to have in the event that people do bring smaller children.

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