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Queen Liz
Blackpool Reunion Dates
Tue Nov 16, 2004 01:03 (XFF:

In her latter dated 12th November 2004, Alison Walsingham (for Blackpool Pleasure beach) advises us that the dates for the Reunion have now changed to a start date of the first function of 9th July 2005. There are a range of packages for the variety of events with and without accommodation which I expect will be posted to this site for those who prefer information via e-mail rather than snail mail.

In the last few days I have been in touch with a fair number of ex-HOI colleagues from around the globe and yes it does seem like a lot of people are adding this event to their plans. I do hope that the Las Vegas event does not discourage those based in the Americas from coming to Europe. Obviously Blackpool cannot compete with Las Vegas on any level except if we all go there!

    • Re: Blackpool Reunion DatesVal, Wed Nov 17 09:13
      Hi Liz, I'm in Vegas and as far as I know, the Vegas reunion is only for skaters from the 40s, 50s and 60s. I haven't been in touch with anyone about it as it is before my time. I think most of our... more
      • VEGAS REUNIONAL, Thu Nov 18 09:46
        Val and friends, Yes, the Las Vegas reunion is basically for the skaters from the forties fifties and sixties. However, any and all friends and relatives are more than welcome, it's a chance to make... more
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