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My List
Tue Nov 30, 2004 04:40 (XFF:

Hi Allison...

My list was not accurate, according to the list that Alison sent. I posted that as we didn't have ANY list, but now that Alison is posting names, it saves me from having to, and hers is much more accurate, as it protrays people who have commited, paid, and are truly going, not just lip service.

So I am relying on Alison to keep us up to date and I am hoping that once a month she might find the time to post a revised list of those confirmed to attending.

  • where is your listallison, Tue Nov 30 02:00
    kathy what happened to your list of people who are going to the reunion.
    • My List — Kathy, Tue Nov 30 04:40
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