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Terry Kessler
Fri Aug 11, 2006 18:57 (XFF:

Hi Olivia,
Thanks for the response. I have been hoping that someone who knew Terry would answer. My first name is also Olivia! Terry and I roomed together in the 1969-70 show. She was a great friend and I have been trying to locate her by various means for over 20 years. I had to leave the show due to a really bad situation in my lower spine, one that the surgeon at Emory University said would have crippled me permanently if I had not had the surgery within 6 months of leaving. Terry and I had already planned to room together for 70-71 but when I went to rehearsals it was clear that major surgery was in the near future and I would never go back. I was in terrible pain during the latter part of the 69-70 show and she really helped me through it. I could hardly sleep at all and she adjusted rather nicely to stepping over me in the bathroom at night since I slept on the floor most of the time. She never complained at all. We had many interests in common...reading, history, museums, art, etc. so had a great time together and she was like a big sister to me. I am 58 now and believe she would be 65. We corresponded for a while after I had the surgery but I moved a couple of times and she moved and we just lost touch. I have been doing internet searches for years and just recently came across a Terry S. Kessler (I believe her middle name is Sue), same age and, I believe the same birthdate (6.17.41). This person was in Florida (Terry loved FL) but had moved more than a year ago so there was no forwarding address. We both had June birthdays and I'm almost sure that was her date. It was just a week or so after mine. I remember her comment to me after she asked if I wanted to room with her and found out when my birthdate was, "Do you think two Geminis could room together happily." We did so quite well. I remember she married a Steve Belk and they lived in CA and she was a CPA. Olivia, if you have any info that would be helpful, I sure would appreciate it. I would love to find her again. Maybe if we put pur heads together.....
When did you skate with her? How many years were you with the show?
All the best,

  • Terry Kesslerolivia hawley, Fri Aug 11 18:04
    I remember Terry, when did you room with her?
    • Terry Kessler — Ellen, Fri Aug 11 18:57
      • change to new boardKathy, Sat Aug 12 05:06
        Hi, You might want to post your inquiries on the new message board that is connected to the HOI website as I am not too sure how many people access this one anymore. You might have better luck... more
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