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olivia hawley
Monique and gang
Mon Aug 14, 2006 08:59 (XFF:


I knew Monique very well, was in the show when she got married, we also roomed together often. Lucy was our line captain so I knew her well also, why am I not placing you, what was your last name?

Thanks for the info on the new board, I had noticed the other one's notes were dated a while back.


  • Ron and New BoardEllen, Sat Aug 12 12:22
    Hi Olivia, Don't know if you saw Kathy's response to me re: the new HOI reunion board. Was planning to send you this anyway so go to your browser and type in... more
    • Monique and gang — olivia hawley, Mon Aug 14 08:59
      • Monique and gangEllen, Mon Aug 14 15:46
        Hi Olivia, I was only with the 69-70 show for part of the season and the very beginning of 70-71 so didn't know a lot of people well...had to leave for spinal surgery and was never well enough to... more
        • moniqueOLIVIA HAWLEY, Mon Aug 14 16:49
          Do you have an address for Monique, snail mail or email? You and I missed one another as I left in 66. Are you going to go to the reunion, would be fun to meet you. Olivia
          • MoniqueEllen, Mon Aug 14 17:28
            No, Olivia, sorry I don't have anything on Monique. Just met her the one time. I had expected to go back to Mexico the next year...just loved it down there...but, as I said, I could never go back to... more
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