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Monique and gang
Mon Aug 14, 2006 15:46 (XFF:

Hi Olivia,
I was only with the 69-70 show for part of the season and the very beginning of 70-71 so didn't know a lot of people well...had to leave for spinal surgery and was never well enough to return. Sure did love it though! Last name was, and is again, McClellan. Monique had just had her first baby when we visited and he was so beautiful. Only saw her that one time but really enjoyed the visit with her. Terry also wanted me to see the lifestyle and it's responsibilities... had just been proposed to by a gorgeous and wonderfully sweet man there I had dated after meeting him at the Actor's Union party (Terry's then boyfriend was one of his professors at American U), very wealthy and well-known family. I was young and very naive and think Terry wanted to be sure I understood what the responsibilities of that sort of life would be...ever the big sister!
Lucy was line captain when I was there as well and excellent at the job. Three or four of us did "swing" roles...skating both line and showgirl roles so were in the same dressing area with the really tall gals...Lucy, Roxanne, June, etc.
Saw your post requesting info for the reunion. Scroll down on the newer board if you don't hear anything and you will find Lucille Miller Creighton's post re: the reunion and how to get in touch. She and her husband, Bill, are putting it together.
All the best,

  • Monique and gangolivia hawley, Mon Aug 14 08:59
    Ellen, I knew Monique very well, was in the show when she got married, we also roomed together often. Lucy was our line captain so I knew her well also, why am I not placing you, what was your last... more
    • Monique and gang — Ellen, Mon Aug 14 15:46
      • moniqueOLIVIA HAWLEY, Mon Aug 14 16:49
        Do you have an address for Monique, snail mail or email? You and I missed one another as I left in 66. Are you going to go to the reunion, would be fun to meet you. Olivia
        • MoniqueEllen, Mon Aug 14 17:28
          No, Olivia, sorry I don't have anything on Monique. Just met her the one time. I had expected to go back to Mexico the next year...just loved it down there...but, as I said, I could never go back to... more
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