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Mon Aug 14, 2006 17:28 (XFF:

No, Olivia, sorry I don't have anything on Monique. Just met her the one time. I had expected to go back to Mexico the next year...just loved it down there...but, as I said, I could never go back to the show due to the surgery. It was very serious and effectively ended the skating career. If we could ever find Terry she might have it. She kept up with people fairly well. But it has been a long time!! I imagine, if Monique is still in Mexico, it would be almost impossible to find her without knowing someone who did at present. I can't remember her husband's name. I have tried for many years to locate a way to find the man whom I dated and his family (lost his address and phone #s in a move to Atlanta for the surgery) and would love to know he found a good woman and had those six kids(!!!) he wanted, would love to let his family all know I have never forgotten all their kindness to and care of me there but Mexico City has changed so much and people of means are cloaked under many veils of security. Maybe someone will turn up at the reunion who knew Monique and kept up with her. Have not decided whether to go to the reunion or nor at this point but it would be fun to meet you and others and compare notes on "the old days". Maybe they should have a board there for people looking for old friends. Probably some of them will have kept up with people better than I have and might have info on people not attending.

  • moniqueOLIVIA HAWLEY, Mon Aug 14 16:49
    Do you have an address for Monique, snail mail or email? You and I missed one another as I left in 66. Are you going to go to the reunion, would be fun to meet you. Olivia
    • Monique — Ellen, Mon Aug 14 17:28
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