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Marcus Gray
contacting Patricia Pauley
Wed Sep 6, 2006 11:24 (XFF:


I'm probably skating on thin ice here... but I'm hoping to (ab)use this board to contact Patricia Pauley.

Among her many other credits, Patricia was one of the skaters involved in Rick Wakeman's legendary/infamous three nights only presentation of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table... on Ice at Wembley Empire Pool in summer 1975.

I'm currently researching the event for a feature to be included in a forthcoming edition of Classic Rock magazine.

If anyone on this board can put me in touch with Ms Pauley, or put her in touch with me, I'd be most grateful. I'd like to ask her if she has any memories of the shows, positive or otherwise.

Many thanks,

Marcus Gray.

    • Pat PauleyJohn Baker, Mon Sep 14 06:47
      Hello Marcus, I also did the show with pat, including the king arthur, Rick wakeman concert. I donīt have her contacts, but I may be able to get old friends to help you, please write me at... more
      • Skater Patrica Ann PauleyTOR, Tue Oct 1 14:07
        Hello John Barker and Marcus Gray, I saw your email that you would like to hear or in touch with my mother (Miss Patrica Ann Pauley). You were skating with my mother at Wembley empire (holiday on... more
        • RelativeJackie Moffat, Fri May 9 16:34
          Hi there - and I hope this finds you as the post I'm replying to is way out of date... My mum and Patricia's dad, uncle Nib, were cousins... How I would love to hear from you. I am now 59 remember... more
          • Re: RelativeAnonymous, Fri Jun 6 13:21
            Hello Jackie Moffat, Thanks for your message. Wow your mum and my grandfather Nib were cousins. Would be nice to get in touch with you. I live in Barnes not far from Kingston. My hotmail is... more
    • Re: contacting Patricia PauleyMarcus Gray, Thu Sep 7 11:04
      sorry: intended to include an email address:
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