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Tue Sep 18, 2007 02:03 (XFF:

Hi Tara!
Greetings from Copenhagen.
Which show were you in?
I left the show in 87.
Eduardo is still performing and has created his own show(Roller and Ice) in Brazil!
Check this website:

Theres talk about a Reunion in Praque in Sept next year!

Take care now-
Bye- Birger

  • looking forTara-Lee Fawcett, Mon Sep 17 16:11
    Hey I am from the orange division show 1990ish we started in europe then were split and I went to Mexico and toured I am looking for my old Adagio partner Eduardo Marques anyone help!!!I think he is... more
    • looking forjo-anne law-kalavsky, Thu Apr 17 12:07
      Hello you....I was in green & came out to join you guys for mexico only b4 going back to green to do the new green show. just thought i'd post this reply to you - i remember you!! hope you are going... more
    • lost peoplekarl gayle, Thu Oct 11 04:00
      Hi Tara yes its mad karl eduardos mate from the same show , I have a contact address for Little Steve. I fell apon this site looking for old skaters and am glad that I found you , I hope that you are ... more
      • FacebookKathy, Fri Oct 12 05:43
        Hi Karl, First off, this message board is the old one, if you look on the HOI reunion website you will see the link for the new one. More poeple will see your messages with the new one. Second, there ... more
    • Eduardo — birger, Tue Sep 18 02:03
      • reunionkarl gayle, Thu Oct 11 03:55
        Hi all Karl Gayle here from Holiday On Ice Green / Orange Division. looking to get intouch with all skaters from that division 1985 -1990 . Anyone got a contact address or e.mail for Eduardo Marques... more
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