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Att: Rebecca...
Fri Mar 6, 2009 05:25 (XFF:

Your best bet is to go to the website FACEBOOK and join if you are not a member, then do a search for HOLIDAY ON ICE and you will see some groups on there. Go to any of them and join one or two, then post your note on there as I am sure there will be those who remember your Father.

This board is VERY OLD and hasn't really been used in a long time.

Hope that helps, contact me if you need further aid.

  • Finding old friendsRebecca-Jane Eckhardt, Thu Mar 5 11:13
    Hi there, I fell over this page looking for old pals of my dads,Andrew Lowton-Wilson or Andrew Wilson,he used to be with Holiday on Ice and other Ice shows way back in the 1950s and 1960s. He said ... more
    • Att: Rebecca... — Kathy, Fri Mar 6 05:25
      • Finding old friendsRebecca, Sun Mar 8 10:09
        Hi Kathy, thank you very much for your answer. You were very kind and helpful, and I hope to find contact there. Ill let you know if I had any success. Cheers, Rebecca
        • HOIKathy, Sun Mar 8 10:16
          Hi, I am sure you will find many.... everyone who is anyone is on there, just start doing searches for names... and go from there Good luck! Kathy
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