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Moises Hoory
Mona Szabo
Sat Sep 12, 2009 16:43

Thanks, Kathy, for your quick reply.
It's been a long time since then and for some reason the show wasn't coming for quite some years. Although sometimes the company brings thematic shows, like the Looney Tunes, Barbie and others, besides Disney On Ice (is this a division of Holiday On Ice?), the 70's classic shows are the best of all. Not that I dislike thematic shows, I love classic cartoons, and they're the reason why the kids accept to go see a ballet show, but the show becomes a little boring after some time.
I guess that's why the clowns come in between the 'chapters', but nothing compares to the glamor of the skaters performing that acrobatic ballet so gracefully.

For some reason, ice skating is not a very popular sport here. I learned to ice skate when I was 4, when my parents joined a club in the Imperial City of Petropolis, 40 miles from Rio, back in 1968 and this used to be our weekend program during the following 8 years or so.
At age 5-6 I entered an internal competition and got my first prize, but I can't remember wich place I got.
At age 7 I got a silver medal in a team competition.
Unfortunately, the club closed in the late 70's, when the ice rink wasn't there anymore.
The rink used to be managed by a group of former Hol'Icers from South America. One of them was Alberto Diandre (who married a cousin of mine a few years later), and the two others I remember was a thin red nicknamed 'Leleco' and the other one was a white striped black hair named 'Roque'.
After the rink closed, we had no option than to pack our ice skates and put them in the corner of the wardrobe until the opening of a shopping center in the early 1980's, 20 miles from home, where they installed an ice rink half the size of that of your shows. It was time to unpack, sharpen razors, air the boots and spend hours sliding like years before. Again, a few years later the rink closed and now it's all memories.

The club in Petropolis has re-opened a few months ago and is undergoing a general revamp. My hope is that the ice rink comes back.
Who knows, maybe Holiday on Ice shows some interest in running the rink, ha?
The link to the club (in Portuguese) is
and there's a 'Contact us' button named 'Fale Conosco' at the top-right corner of the screen.

Hoping to see the company again soon, whether in thematic or classic shows, and, who knows, running a rink for all of us users,

Once again most sincerely,

Moises Hoory
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • Lovely note...Kathy Gingras, Fri Sep 11 14:10
    What a lovely note you have sent, thank you very much, from all the Hol"Icers who skated with Holiday on Ice. Many of us have fond memories of our time in Rio de Janeiro, myself included. Hopefully... more
    • Mona Szabo — Moises Hoory, Sat Sep 12 16:43
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