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Read the transcript of the trial. Crawford didn't avenge../
Sat Apr 25, 2015 7:05pm

I suggest you read this. I did. Crawford sounds like a drug dealer. He told his cellmate he was a killer, he went to his victims funeral with victims dogtags. That doesn't sound benign to me.
I saw nothing about the story the precious person told.

    • Oh how sad for you to have to stoop so lowNorwood Christian, Sun Apr 26 12:31am
      Dear blogger, How sad that you continue to want to inflict pain on the Crawford family. Seems your hatred of Ken Crawford has had collateral damage. That to his poor parents, who had to witness this... more
      • Followup: Apology due to Mr. and Mrs. CrawfordNorwood Christian, Sun Apr 26 9:49am
        The person who posted the original post owes a public apology to David's parent. His actions were not their fault nor his brother's. Its the Christian thing to do.
        • nopeAnonymous, Thu Apr 30 3:44pm
          Not apologizing for the truth. It's public record. He did it. There are a lot of people to feel sorry for and he isn't one of them.
        • Good ole boys only prevent to be christians back stackers they are maybe its time to spill the beans on those in office.
    • They were both drug dealers, and the rape part of the story was going around back when it actually happened. What does it matter? Why are you so obsessed with the candidates brother? If you are... more
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