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Unruly Negros
Tue Aug 11, 2015 9:54am

Drexel & Moeller, Sunday, August 9, a gang of negros beat and kicked a white teen. This has been covered by Ch 12 & Ch 19 and is associated with the Holy Trinity festival. Let's hope and pray that when caught the police turn off the cameras for five minutes. Wink, wink

It was a unruly negro who cost officer Ward his career.

    • Re: Unruly NegrosAnonymous, Wed Aug 12 6:30pm
      I bet it wasn't a hate crime either. They were probably just bored.
      • Re: Unruly NegrosAnonymous, Thu Aug 13 7:25pm
        Tracie Hunter would give the little thugs a comic book and order a book report. Some people get away with so much.
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